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Heathcliff: The Movie
Sterling Entertainment - 05.25.2004
- Feature film made from various episodes of Heathcliff

Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats Box Set
Shout! Factory - 09.20.2005
- episodes #1-24 complete shows

Heathcliff: Terror of the Neighborhood
NCircle Entertainment - 03.06.2007
- 100 mins.

Heathcliff: Terror of the Neighborhood/Fish Tales 2-pack
NCircle Entertainment - 03.06.2007
- 200 mins.

Heathcliff: Fish Tales NCircle - 08.21.2007
- 6 Heathcliff episodes: The Great Tuna Caper, Sealand Mania, Claws, Meow Meow Island, Heathcliff's Pet and Something Fishy, plus 3 bonus Catillac Cats episodes: In Search of Catlantis, Young Cat With a Horn and Big Swipe

The Best of Heathcliff
NCircle Entertainment - 07.22.2008
- Heathcliff episodes: Heathcliff's Mom Heathcliff, In the Beginning, Nightmare in Beverly Hills, Cat Day Afternoon, Catlympic Cats, The Cat in the Iron Mask, Off Road Racer, Hockey Pucks, Hector Protector and Feline Good

Heathcliff: Unleashed!
NCircle Entertainment - 01.06.2009
- Spike's Cousin, Copa Ca Heathcliff, Mamma s Back In Town, Spike s Slave and Phantom of the Garbage

Heathcliff: I Heart Sonya
NCircle Entertainment - 02.03.2009
- Lard Times, Sonja's Nephew, Star of Tomeow-meow, The Whitecliffs of Dover and May the Best Cat Win

The Very Best of Heathcliff
NCircle Entertainment - 05.05.2009
- Soap Box Derby, Cat Burglar Heathcliff, The Great Tuna Caper, Heathcliff's Pet, Rebel Without a Claws, Heathcliff Gets Canned, Heathcliff Surprise and Baby, It's You

Heathcliff: A Cat and His Boy
NCircle Entertainment - 07.21.2009
- Be Prepared, Butter Up! and Hair of the Cat


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