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NOTE: Episodes from the 2002 PBS series unless noted

Berenstain Bears: Adventure and Fun For Everyone
Sony - 11.25.2003

Berenstain Bears: Fun Lessons To Learn
Sony - 11.25.2003
- 6 episodes: Trouble at School, Go To School, The Homework Hassle, Lend a Helping Hand, "Too Much Pressure and The Trouble with Pets

Berenstain Bears: Bears Team Up
Sony - 03.09.2004

Berenstain Bears: Bears Get a Babysitter
Sony - 06.01.2004

Berenstain Bears: Bears Mind Their Manners
Sony - 01.04.2005

Berenstain Bears: Bears Take a Car Trip
Sony - 04.05.2005
- 6 episodes: The Car Trip, The Wishing Star, House of Mirrors, By the Sea, The Stinky Milk Mystery and The Big Road Race

Berenstain Bears: Bears Out and About
Sony - 08.02.2005
- 6 episodes: The Summer Job, The Haunted Lighthouse, Don't Pollute, Hug and Make Up, That Stump Must Go and White Water Mystery

Berenstain Bears: Always Look On the Bright Side
Sony - 01.24.2006

Berenstain Bears: Fun Family Adventure
Sony - 05.23.2006
- 6 episodes: Week At Grandma's, Go To the Movies, Attic Treasure, Bears For All Seasons, Mama's New Job and The Big Red Kite

Berenstain Bears: Discover School!
Sony - 08.22.2006
- 6 episodes: The Excuse Note, On the Job, The Giddy Grandma, The Bad Habit, Draw It and The Female Fullback

Berenstain Bears: Get Organized
Sony - 08.21.2007

Berenstain Bears: Family and Friendship
Sony - 08.12.2008

Berenstain Bears: Christmas Tree
Sony - 10.28.2008
- Christmas Special

Berenstain Bears: Kindness, Caring and Sharing
Sony - 01.20.2009
- episodes from the 1980s: Messy Room, Trouble With Friends, Too Much Birthday, Go Fly a Kite and Comic Valentine (1982 TV special)

Berenstain Bears: Springtime Surprises
Sony - 02.03.2009
- episodes from the 1980s


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